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Dr. Tony believes that movement is medicine, and the start of an individual’s health journey begins with chiropractic care. His passion began when he experienced how chiropractic care, movement and a healthy lifestyle can impact a person’s quality of life while recovering from injuries playing collegiate football. His empathy for people in pain motivates him to stay up to date with treatment standards and rehab protocols. His goal is to educate you on how to incorporate movement into your lifestyle, which is the key to unlocking your true potential, and longevity.


Dr. Tony graduated with honors from chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University in Bloomington, Minnesota. He received his undergraduate from the University of Wisconsin – La Crosse, with a B.S. in Biology and a concentration in Biomedical Sciences.

In his free time, Dr. Tony enjoys playing basketball, training, spending time with family, concerts, and long walks with his dogs.

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Dr. Jake is a movement based chiropractor who believes strongly in the integrated health model at Summit Hill Chiropractic and Physical Therapy.  He joins us after 2 years of practicing in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.  Dr. Jake believes in educating his patients and empowering them to participate in their health and wellness.  With a strong background in nutrition, Dr. Jake looks to treat each specific injury while also improving overall health through nutrition.


Dr. Jake and Dr. Tony met through playing football at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse and became great friends.  Dr. Jake played for 4 years and was honored with All-Conference accolades in two season as a defensive back. While at UW-L, Dr. Jake studied Exercise Sport Science with an emphasis on rehabilitation. The two then attended chiropractic school at Northwestern Health Sciences University and gravitated towards treating people with movement based therapy alongside traditional chiropractic adjustments. Dr. Jake was the president of the "Rehab 2 Performance" club at Northwestern, which focused on combining chiropractic care with rehabilitation.


Outside of work, Dr. Jake enjoys being very active with his wife, Meghan.  Dr. Jake is an avid fly-fisherman who prefers to be outside and in nature.  He is from a big family and loves helping people from all walks of life!



Dr. Zack is from the wester suburbs of the Twin Cities but has been in the St. Paul area for the past seven years while attending the University of St. Thomas for his undergraduate degree in Exercise Science and then St. Catherine University to obtain his Doctorate in Physical Therapy. He has a passion for exploring the outdoors. Dr. Zack enjoys long-distance running, golfing, hiking, and skiing. 

Dr. Zack takes a holistic approach to treating his patients. His clinical experience ranges from rural, generalized settings to outpatient and inpatient hospital experiences. 

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Since graduating from Aveda Institute Minneapolis' Massage Therapy Program in 2015, Holly has committed herself to helping people synchronize their body and mind through therapeutic massage and bodywork. Over the years, Holly has provided massage care in a multitude of spaces- chiropractic clinics, hotels & spas, studios, music festivals, corporate events, and collegiate athletics. While working in the University of Minnesota's athletic department, she became passionate about aiding athletes in improving conditioning, preventing & rehabilitating injuries, and preparing for competition. Holly specializes in Relaxation (Swedish), Deep Tissue and Sports/Rehabilitative Massage. In her free time, she enjoys gardening, camping, and lounging around with her hunk of a chocolate lab, Luke.


MATT WILLIAMSON, CMT, Personal Trainer, Nutritionist

Matt has been helping people get out of pain and move better for over 20 years. He is a massage therapist and personal trainer. He has treated clients ranging from infants to Olympic athletes and will use his expertise to deliver a specific and therapeutic massage personalized to you. He incorporates a multidisciplinary approach because no one has identical anatomy or needs. 


Non-negotiable philosophy:

Everyone gets an individualized plan as unique as their lifestyle. As you change, so will your needs.


He has treated 30,000+ and has 35,000+ clinical hours.


60+ specialized certifications for treatment or training: 

  • Hands on tissue manipulation

  • Human movement

  • Functional movement screening &  assessment evaluations for movement, breathing, & pain

  • Sports specific evaluations, performance & training

  • Golf. 

  • Baseball pitching & hitting, Softball hitting. 

  • Tennis. 

  • Strength and conditioning

  • Working with rotational athletes

  • Training women throughout their lifespan, Pre & postnatal. 

  • Training rotational athletes (golf, baseball, softball, tennis)

  • Youth development & fitness

  • Nutrition


Once upon a time, Matt had 11 amazing years coaching youth soccer and graduated from culinary school. He doesn’t love super long walks on the beach, but does LOVE food, watching sports, movies, listening to a wide variety of audiobooks, playing video games, and has a habit of explaining things with endless analogies (probably because in 15 years of teaching massage his students didn’t always get certain references). His first car was a ’78 Volvo tank with 3 horsepower, rear wheel drive, manual windows, no turn radius that sounded like a hangry grizzly bear when attempting to climb small hills. In most years he will make a copious amounts of marinara and xxxxx hot sauce.


General Philosophies: 

  • Human movement is beautiful and should be expressed as diversely as possible

  • Quality before Quantity  

  • Breathing before crawling and crawling before walking and walking before running

  • Competency before Efficiency (skills)

  • No system or technique works for 100% of people.

  • No one cares how much you know until they know how much you care

  • A jack of all trades is a master of none but is still better than a master of one


People really want 3 things: 

  • Live a pain-free life. 

  • To be able to play with their kids / grandkids / a sport. 

  • Know their body will be available doing random things. 


What you will learn: 

  • Why do you move the way you do

  • What factors are contributing to your pain or limited mobility

  • How to create as much resilience as possible

  • Ergonomic tips 


The basic truth: 

  • There is no such thing as “injury prevention.” Professional athletes get injured, & they have the best training & healthcare teams money can buy.  

  • You want the most resilience possible, because if you do get injured, you want the fastest possible recovery.  

  • My job is to teach you techniques & strategies you can implement immediately when you get back to the office, when you get home, or go do life. 

  • Just try. It’s not about perfection.  


Helpful tips: 

  • Life is stressful and don’t forget to breathe.  

  • Listen to your body and it knows what you need.  

  • Exercise is NOT a punishment for what you ate. 

  • Choose movement that is meaningful to you. 

  • Mistakes are temporary and not a life sentence. 

  • Love your body and your body is beautiful.  

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